So last night was good. I came home and made dinner watched a show on the DVR and then me and eve hung stuff up. It’s nice to finally have the art up and not in a corner I’m sure we’ll move some of it around but for now it’s good.
Class was a lot of fun today I like that we get long breaks and get out early how kick ass is that??
So I drove home and then all the way back to up town. Me Kate, her brother and her friends ate at old Chicago. I finally finished my mine tour and got my shirt!!! So there is this drawing this Wed (august 1st) at 9 so does any one wants to go with me to get a beer or something??
I got some b-day cards today witch is really good cuss I’ll have some money to last me till Friday.
Speaking of Kate she was suppose to take me out for a beer today her treat. So she asked me today if she could bring her brother I said yes and then she told me she was brining a friend to. That didn’t bother me that much what really bother me was the fact that when it came to paying the bill she didn’t offer at all to pay for my drinks. It was kind of like WTF?? Thank good it was happy hour and the beers I go were on tap so it didn’t cost me that much.
It’s really bad when several of my friends don’t like u.
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Long ass time.

So I haven put any thing on here in a long time. mainly cuss I've been blogging in myspace the most. But this would be a good place to rant about allot of things that are makeing me mad cuss most people don't see it.

Here is my rant I know i can be really messy some times my room has need to be cleaned for over a week now. But I try to keep the livening room and stuff clean. But i really need to talk to eve about this. Last night she left a bowl of ice cram she finished on the coffee table, Left some soup on a pan on the oven and still the wired ass shit in the coffee cup. that shouldn't bother me but it looks gross and i don't understand not rince your shit off I rince thing off most of the time to the point you can eat off them again. I'm trying not to get up set I give her till when i get home to take care of it cuss i would exspect the same for my self.
O and the pizza droppings on the burner i had to wash it off so i could cook cuss there was cheese on it only for her to cook pizza again and it do the same dame thing. but i haven't seen her anuff to bring it up. So I'm trying to not get to mad.
I took one of her eggs cuss i was really cravening some she had a dozen and they out date the 3rd of august and haven't ate any so i fig it was ok
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She's gone and going

So i'm lissing to Blue October- Hate Me
The song sais alot aobut how i fill. Billi stayed last night and left with out even huging me it was just by. I knew something was wrong and i read on Myspace that's she's gone we can't be friends any more.. I have a filling and I hope one day we can bit untill then we just can't see each other.

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you know you are a bad cook when you live off of breakfast sandwiches cuss you don't have any money to eat out and you can't go shopeing for food.

Still not awake

Dame I still fill sleepy. I got an ok nights rest mines the peopel who keept calling and texting. Thanks for careing.
But ya so it's back to class I hope it goes ok. I can't belive all that happened in the time I was suopose to be in class yesterday.
OK Shower and food time.

Hot tube time

The last few days have been way to long. My sholders could not be more tense from the stress of life. So i'm going to go how in the hot tub then pass out.

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So we’ve broke up. It’s hard I don’t think I have ever felt this sad. The closes filling I can rammer is when my grandma died.

I called in to work to day as well did the other two. My teacher called me back and went off about how when you’re in the filled your rotes are done days in advance and you need to figure your shit out or what ever. So I emailed him and told him that I was in the middle of braking up with my wife of 3 years I figured that was a valid reason.

I’m so darned right now it’s not even funny. Lack of sleep, a hang over, crying all day, and my brain giving up on me. I don’t know were I’m going and that’s scary. I know every ting will work out in the end it always does. If not then I’ll be the crazy old single lesbian for the rest of my life.

I just wish every thing was perfect again.


I think my life could get a little more fucked up but I’m not sure. Yesterday was just Fucked up that’s the only way to describe it.
Billi left I grab some beers and headed out on the paddle boat. Came back drank some more and bloged. Text Billi to come back I don’t know if it was cuss I was drunk or not. But I really did realize just how much I love her and can’t live with out her in my life. I just wish we could go back to way we were when we first moved here.

Any ways she comes over we invite over Mel to talk….So the night ends with us all intoxicated and …Well Mel is still her I’ll let you all figure the rest out.

They are talking right now. They can communicate so well. So I figured it’s best to just let them talk about things then let me know what’s going on cuss I tend to stop the conversation. I think it’s because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s fillings so I need to triple think about how I truly fill and how to say it before I say it.